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  1. Marketing trick , but for me, mainboard made a huge bottleneck on both read/ write performance... Time for an upgrade...
  2. Thanks dude, You're right, Due to manipulated hardware market in here, price of Sata Evo860 is same as m2 980 SSD Drive both in 1TB capacity, So i just checked if mainboard support m.2 and just made this purchase, and didn't paid too much into the details, although my mainboard does not support full potential performance, but it was a win choice.
  3. EDIT: Thanks to members, i found that outdated Mainboard, made a huge bottleneck and cause this performance problem. Thanks all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, Today i purchased Samsung 980 1TB drive for increased performance and storage space, nevertheless i faced something weird!!! Benchmark results are way slower from advertised speed, ~800MB/s write/ read speed as show in screenshots below, also double checked if connected properly to the slot. any recommendation or somethi