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  1. Did a bios update and my monitor is at a black screen and on my Asus crosshair vIII dark hero the Q-code says 02 and the light that is on is the one on the far right and if I'm correct that's the boot one. But because I'm nervous that I will damage something if I turn it off then back on because this is my first bios update. So I just want to see if anyone knows what I should do from here. Thanks.
  2. In the windows power plan what should I be looking for and if needed what to change?
  3. And when I did try playing a game (Minecraft) I was getting like 4 to 12 fps so I'll try the benchmark first then check out the windows power plan stuff.
  4. I haven't really checked if it has gone up after running programs all I have been doing is going onto chrome and trying to figure this out. And my guess when you say power plan is about my power supply and it's a 1000w gold from seasonic.
  5. I recently finished my first pc build and after installing all my drivers (I think I have them all) and then did the extract all on each one I noticed that my CPU is running at 0.54ghz in task manager and I don't know how to fix this and is making me worried. All info will be greatly appreciated.