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  1. man i play on 60hz 1080p and that’s it. the only reason i consider upgrading is because i mine and my equipment basically pays off for itself within a year… i play some cod, battlefield, runescape, forza, gran turismo, wow, fifa, arcanists, but i mainly play osrs/rs3 which require a single/dual core or a quad core cpu and a decent gpu which i already have. I’ll wait and see what microcenter has to offer during blak friday. Id get a 11700k over a 10850k or a 5800x/5900x/5950x over a 11700k perhaps? might even go for 12th gen i5 i7 i9, gotta wait and see. k
  2. i’m out here just thinking about upgrading to 12900k 128gb ddr4, etc and then I heard that next gen intel will be 24 cores, that’s 8 more cores than previous! so basically i’ll have top of the line cpu for like 7 months, possibly 8 and then the other one will be like 50% better. If I wanna upgrade to it I’ll probably need a new motherboard, etc. Then after that gen next gen will probably be 28 or 32 cores. I really thought they’d stay at 16 but they’re going to 24… This is completely demotivating. Not to mention what will amd release next… So basically spending 2k for the ram, mobo, cpu is a w
  3. marcuzx

    mx279h price?

    getting it for a family member that wants it. ive got one myself but they want one too. is 100$ a good deal? they’re quite hard to find
  4. marcuzx

    mx279h price?

    what’s a mx279h currently worth? obviously can’t buy new since it’s kind of old atm but what’s it worth used?
  5. he said the person selling it has a bunch of computers, laptops, servers, monitors, tablets, notebooks, just random office stuff, and other things. like 100$ i7, i5 laptops, etc. idk anything about the used market so idk what’s it worth but he said he wants to buy it so idk. oh and almost forgot, the computer also comes with a hardrive. I personally would never buy 4 core cpus, id rather buy a old 8 core xeon.
  6. so one of my friends found computer on craigzlist and he wants to know what’s it worth. he already went to the persons house, tried it and said it works fine. it was used by a company that closed. like the person has a bunch of other pc things that theyre selling too. specs are 6700k hero viii mobo 32gb ram noctuna cooler some box looking corsair case unknown psu windows enterprise 1050ti he said the person selling it is willing to let it go for 250. I know nothing about old hardware because I only buy new so I cannot help him. I
  7. from the comments i’m probably skipping ddr5 too. it’ll be like 2 years till we get good ddr5. yea we will have to wait and see the benchmarks first from actual people. i’ll probably be running like 4, 5 gpus on this pc so i think idle 12900k will be really good because of the small/big cores. I don’t see intel going over 16 cores for the next 3 years tbh and also don’t see ryzen doing it either. I think they’ll just be adding more efficiency and speed from now on. I don’t even see the 12900k being a real 16 cores. To me it’s like a twin turbo vtec honda engine. yea it can destroy a 8 cylinder
  8. was so happy to build a 12900k and then I saw that 32gb of ddr5 is 350$ at cl40 4800mhz. that’s 700$ for 64gb so I could build a 128gb ddr4 for like 700? should i get ddr4 with 12900k or what? i’m giving away my current pc so i’ll have to upgrade i just don’t think i’d wanna pay 350$ for junk ddr5 when i can literally get royal elite for the same price and double the ram and it’ll look way better and probably perform better too. we got like 18 more days till 12th gen intel! I really think I’ll just get ddr4 because ddr5 is going to be horrible for like 2 y
  9. how do you make a ps5 controller have rumble, dualshock on a ps3. having a really difficult time finding a real ps3 controller so i’m using a funky ass ps5 controller which is a huge downgrade and same goes for ps4. really wish that i could use xbox elite controller on a ps3
  10. fixed issue with new cable although my 18inch 75hz is still faster than my 28inch 60hz obviously
  11. i just want a bit longer cable and a newer one because this is for a brand new build i’ll probably try n get a free one from internet provider. this internet is soooooo slow when multiple ppl use it and at peak times. i mean the lagg us unbearable. time warner cable at 20mbs was better than spectrum at 100 idk wtf is wrong with the monitor. it’s been like this forever. i’ll check it out once i upgrade my cable. for tele i had to buy a 200$ cable back in 2011 because other cheap cables didn’t work on it properly. it has horrible picture quality until i got a good hdmi c
  12. dude im at 100mhz and i got a yellow cat5 which i read is good for the monitor i run 1080p 75hz with 3080. was going to upgrade to 360hz but that’s like 750$ and i’m fine atm. my biggest factor is having a top of the line cpu, nothing else really matters i currently bought the monoprice which should hopefully improve the screen lagg? i have better screen responce on an 18 inch 720p monitor than i do on on 28inch idk why? i have a mx279h and mate its slow ffs. i don’t even think its at 60hz, feels like 15hz really. i know what 75hz feels like on my old dell
  13. what’s a good ethernet cable and what’s a good hdmi cable? i heard something about cat 8 for ethernet and certified monoprice for hdmi cable? that’s 25$ for both cables so it’s quite inexpensive. are these good or is there something better? my current cables are whatever i had like 12 years agon so i’m pretty sure i need an upgrade.