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  1. I have tried; 3x different kits of RAM 2x different CPUs checked all power plugs on everything checked ram in every combination of dimm slot Updated bios regularly turned quick-boot mode off & XMP on re-seated the CPU, RAM & GPU tried with a new air cooler, stock cooler & without cooler same thing happened when board was new, and after the Retailer had tested it out of ideas..
  2. Thanks for your reply, I already RMA'd the board to the retailer, who claimed they could not replicate the fault. I asked them to keep the return request open, and recently updated it as I tried it with another CPU and the fault remained. so a RMA is still possible I hope. however they take ages, and I will need to buy a new board to use in the meantime as my work depends on this PC. I opened a support ticket with MSI who gave some unhelpful suggestion (to clear CMOS I think)
  3. I have had this problem since 06/2020 of no POST when any RAM is in DIMMB1/B2 Running win 10 x64. PC works find with two ram sticks in DIMMA1/A2 but will not post with any ram in other slots. the EZ-debug mobo light for DRAM lights up & stays on. MOBO - MSI X570-A PRO on latest BIOS (was RMA'd to retailer who "could not replicate fault") PSU - Antec NEO Eco gold ZEN 600w - non modular CPU - This happened with my 3600x & now with a 5600x - even after XMP enabled in bios RAM - 8gb sticks of G.Skill Trident Z F4-3200C16Q-32GTZB (tried others, sa