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  1. Wow! I've seen others report this same issue as well. Crazy that this is happening. I have not found a solution yet. Let's post anything we find here. Both Glorious and SignalRGB got back to me and neither have been able to solve the issue. Glorious said to check my brightness on the keyboard—it was maxed out. Signal told me to unplug the keyboard for a certain amount of time so it could complete a full power cycle—my keyboard has been unplugged for days and it still doesn't work when plugged back in. To save myself the stress, I'm using my Corsair K95 platinum in the meantime and
  2. The RGB lighting on my brand new GMMK1 full size keyboard is no longer working. The lights were operating fine until I downloaded and configured the Glorious GMMK1 software for "s/n 201801 or other" (my s/n starts with 121160). There may have been some sort of conflict between the Glorious Software and SignalRGB. One of the last things I remember seeing was the white snake reset lighting animation on the keyboard before it went out; wasn't paying enough attention because this was completely unexpected. The keyboard itself still works, including the Numlock and Capslock indicator lights.