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  1. I haven't thought ahead of exactly what applications I would want to run, exactly what VM to run or quantity of VMs or applications. For minimum requirements, I wanted 2 containers for 2 programs with the required RAM it will need based on the application I choose and 2 VMs: Windows and Linux, for one user (will add more VMs for users). I wanted to scale up to see what the system I make can be capable of. This is an independent class project for my college so I'd rather have it small scale for the time I have to complete it. I checked out Proxmox and it aligns with the idea I have.
  2. The containers would run only one application for each container and solely that application (for example, one container would only run Matlab, and another container would only run Photoshop. Something like that.) The VMs would just be different OS like Windows and Linux such that different users can use their own os. This is more of a proof of concept for me and stuff will change a bit but that's kind of the jist I'm going for. I wanted to try that on a NAS I would build. As for Proxmox, I'll check that out and I'll check the CPU out too. As for ram, would a total of 16gb be good
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to ask for some advice for a capstone project I have in which I want to build a server that can run multiple VMs and Docker Containers for applications. I wanted to know what kind of CPU I should go for that can have the capabilities for these requirements. Since I'm on a tight budget, I'm going to use the spare parts I have: M.2 Gen 3x2 256GB with Read speeds 1000MB/s and Write speeds 800MB/s 8GB (2x4) 2666MHz RAM (Non ECC) I know that the Non ECC will cause more corruption but I just need the RAM for this project. I'll get the PSU, Motherboard and Case but