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  1. Here's a photo of the hole. Also the APU that I'm running is a12 9800 and when I press the power button nothing happens the cooler doesn't spin the motherboard doesn't turn on the power supply doesn't turn on either. I bought the motherboard brand new from Amazon since that was the only board that supported my apu. Up until today I've had no problems with anything. But today I can't even get it to boot anymore. Nothing turns on at all. I feel like it might be a power supply issue but I'm not sure. Thanks
  2. Hi I built a system a few days ago and it was working fine until today. I have a msi a320m a pro max mobo and a cv550 psu. I chose those components because I have a apu and its not very power hungry. But today when I tries to boot it up, it didn't boot. Then I reconnected all the wires and it started but only 2 fans were spinning. Then I reconnected the fans and it didn't boot. Then I disconnected 2 fans and it booted up. But now its not working at all. It doesnt show any indication that its getting power but I don't know what the problem is. I also noticed that there's a tiny hole above
  3. Also, is there any way to make rgb fans light up without having a rgb header on the motherboard? Thanks
  4. Hi I have a msi a320m-a pro max and a corsair cv550 power supply. What would be the best parts that I can put in it? thanks
  5. Also can I use the jfp2 connector for rgb?
  6. Does the motherboard have any rgb connectors?
  7. Hey, I was wondering if I would be able to connect the rgb fans that come with the corsair spec delta rgb to the MSI a320m-a Pro Max . Thanks
  8. Hi It will last a few years atleast correct? Atleast around 2 to 3 years. Cause I've seen some really bad reviews about it thats why I'm asking. Thanks
  9. Hi I just bought a corsair cv550 since it was on sale but after reading reviews it seems like it might not have been a good idea. Currently I have a a12-9800 which I'm pretty sure the psu can handle but if I wanted to upgrade to a 2600 and a 1650 then would the psu be able to handle it? Thanks