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  1. Since the setting to manually change my mac address in Device Manager does not exist, I downloaded a program called Technitium MAC Address Changer, and that also did not work. The program wouldn't change my PCs mac address to my xbox's, and I tried a few other things and it still didn't work. Might just be SOL for now.
  2. So this must be a new thing, but I guess my connection is blocked when I use a VPN now. I'm not sure why that would be because I use a VPN on my phone most of the time and my connection status never changed. I might just have to go do some more homework and research on this. Thanks for your help!
  3. i apologize for misreading your comment. If I were to try to spoof my own xbox, what kind of issues would that cause?
  4. I currently use Private Internet Access for a VPN. Do you think that would work?
  5. I appreciate the response, but I think we're talking about different things. I'm not talking about an Apple Mac, I'm talking about a Media Access Control address on my PC and my Xbox.
  6. So the regular network (for phones, PCs, tablets) seems like it can't handle much of a load. Whenever I do a speed test, it says my connection is very fast (79.5 Mbps download, 11.7 Mbps upload @23ms png as per google speed test), but it seems like it tanks whenever I put a load on (lets say, playing Apex Legends, CS:GO, or Valorant). My in-game stats tell me that the latency jumps up to 85-100+ms. My xbox likes to hover around 24-40 on Apex. So I think that means that this regular network has bandwidth issues? I do have to admit, I haven't tried gaming with a VPN. I just thought t
  7. Hey, thanks for the response. I have tried sending them a screenshot of my PC's MAC address, but got an email back saying that I can't connect because it isn't a console. I'm pretty sure that they denied it because it didn't have the same menu layout as an Xbox would have, but I was thinking that they might be able to see what type of device it is when its in the network. If this is false, then my other idea was to photoshop a screenshot of my Xbox's network page with the network info of my PC and sending it to the IT department. I suppose you're right though, they wo
  8. I am trying to get my PC onto a MAC filtered network that is dedicated for gaming consoles. The general WIFI makes gaming on my PC impossible, but my Xbox does just fine on its dedicated network. In order for my console to be allowed onto the network, I have to take a picture of the "advanced network settings" page on my Xbox so they can manually enter in its MAC address. The network is not password protected, just seems to be MAC filtered. I could be completely wrong about most or all of this, but this is what I did according to my current knowledge: I had the idea of