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  1. It's the nuclear football and that pussy is about to strike Syria.
  2. If you go back and read this entire thread you will see how the bold statement isn't true, I just see no point in restating what has already been said. But I'm glad you are dropping it as this is the second time you have hinted/stated as much. If you read through everything, I'm sure you will see where this actually derailed, it's a shame we will most likely never meet in person as I think much of the misunderstanding and misconstruing of text that can so easily be misread or written. I find most face to face discussions yield learning and understanding, I've noticed on here that it rare
  3. Yeah, we're done. This is going no where.
  4. Please stop misusing that word. I have only directly attacked one person in anything, the rest of what I have said was directed at the arguments and ideals stated by people. If that distinction cannot be made, then I wish I could say I'm sorry, but you are absolutely correct, there is no reason for me to visit this thread again. Btw, my views about specific people are drawn from the letters and books they wrote. I have all of Thomas Jefferson's letters, bound in 1872, sitting on my book shelf (the are duplicates, not the originals, although it would be awesome to have them). I have dia
  5. Considering that book was published only a few years before I was born, and Thomas Jefferson himself said he considered his views comparable to that of Libertarianism in a letter he wrote in 1801, I'd say the "ideals" were clearly understood and developed long before Robert Nozick was born. The problem is that modern libertarian ideals do not match the initial establishment of the movement 300 years ago. Hell, liberals today subscribe the hijacking of was what was called Classic Liberal ideals. Which, btw, was libertarian. Today's neoliberal party, or the left, is not what liberal ideal or
  6. Edit: I decided there wasn't a point in restating what I have already said here so I'll remove it. Good luck finding truth guys, it seems some people are lost in the hype lol. I would encourage you guys to revisit and reread some of the founding documents this country is founded on. You might find relevance in places outside the news and bumbling political rhetoric.
  7. Unfortunately the vast majority of Americans do THINK Ron Paul is the libertarian poster boy. And I don't know who you are hanging out with, but I literally meet thousands of people throughout my travels who do in fact quote and think the Constitution is relevant. Hell, our service members are sworn to uphold the Constitution against foreign and domestic threats regardless of title or position. There is a reason I said he strikes me more of the mutualist type. It doesn't matter what misquoters believe about the foundation of the Libertarian mindset is, you can find it in the letters of
  8. It's different types of coding. PHP is a server based scripting language, while HTML is a markup that uses the browsers dom to display information. CSS is just another markup that specifies how styling is applied to HTML. The important thing about learning PHP is to learn the concept of object oriented programming, too many websites are coded top down which puts a lot of overhead on the system. The more robust you make your libraries and code, the more is can be reused and thus reduces your overhead. Most of the time it's not about the language, it's about the techniques and quarks tha
  9. Well, HTML is a markup language. C is a syntax, so you can branch off into other syntaxes that are likened to it (such as PHP). The real question is what is your goal in learning these? Most people don't really "know" the languages, they just know the rules and syntax operation. This way you can be more flexible in what you do. Most of us keep cookbooks of code and libraries we frequently use. HTML is for web development, C and C++ is more for programming. Where do you see yourself heading in the industry? Application, web development, networking, security, desktop support? There is a vast a
  10. You do know that's how we got the Bill of Rights? Initially it was all tossed off the table and the states came together and said no, we want it. Are you sure you are a Libertarian? The backbone of the Libertarian's ideals is the Constitutional Freedoms and Liberties guaranteed us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That the Constitution is still relevant today, you sound more like a leftist or mutalist than a Libertarian. BTW, in response to the ad hominem, of course I went that route. He directly associated something I said in speaking about the general population and th
  11. I would highly recommend you re-read my posts. I've done nothing but quote the constitution and pose the solutions to the current issues in Congress. I've spent over a decade serving this country and have served with, and commanded, some of the finest critical thinkers I've had the pleasure of meeting. Don't pretend for a single moment that you have a clue as to how I think or am capable of thinking. If you had half a wit you would be able to read and see that what I have argued and said is spot on. Or perhaps in your 5 years of adulthood you have it all figured out. Re-read what I state
  12. To me you are part of the younger crowd I'm referring to. Just old enough to get a grip on what is being said and repeat it, but still young enough to believe what is said without utilizing critical thinking skills to discern the difference (you see this all the way up into your 30s). Not speaking you specifically, but generally. It's SIR Thomas More. But I don't understand how you could have read the book a few times and actually understood what was written, and make the comment you made. Unless you disagree completely with the assessment he made on that if you really want Ut
  13. I know it seems like a lot, but it's actually pretty streamlined. The Users table has a list of users with their contact info, along with the ID of the asset they are assigned. The Assets table has a list of assets with their information along with the type of asset fed from the AssetTypes table (printer, wifi card, laptop, etc) The Incidents table is where the Incident's Request Form will save it's data The Projects table is where the Project Request Form will save it's data Incident and Project types feed their respected form's request type. For now I'm just going to add users and a
  14. Here is the structure of the database, it will reside in the same file as the forms: (EDIT: updated the image to actually reflect the database) The forms will be as follows: Incident Request Form: When submitted, send below fields to the Independents table with an auto incremented ID User: Drop down from Users (Users.FullName) Asset: Drop down from Assets (if user field is blank, drop down from Assets.ServiceTag, if user field is filled then fill from Users.AsseignedAsset of the associated ID, auto if possible?) Incident Type: Drop down from IncidentTypes.Type (is it possibl
  15. Here is my issue, I'm making a ticketing system for personal use at work so I can keep track of the rediculous amount of requests I get. In the future I would love to expand it into scheduling and reminders for maintenance needing to be done on computers. But for now, I just need the ticketing system. The problem is I can't use what I normally would, which is to write a program with SQL support for the data. Instead I HAVE TO use Access because that's what one of the bosses knows how to use. So I have to have a database, with Access forms to be able to create tickets, and look up tickets.