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  1. Wow, moving the memory stick to 2nd slot and unplugging the case fan from motherboard seemed to work. Thank you so much to all of you for this guys.
  2. I've another memory stick but I was just using one because it's recommended for booting first time that only one stick is inserted. I'll try to redo all the cables and CPU. Hopefully it works, and I won't have to take this a repair shop.
  3. But I was using this same PSU for 2 years with this GPU and old motherboard. I suspect that I connected the cables wrong way or something.
  4. But this PSU was working just fine before changing Motherboard and CPU.
  5. Hi, I just upgraded my PC from old pre built motherboard and an 9th Intel i3-9100F to a new Gigabyte Motherboard B560M D3H Micro ATX with a 11th Gen Intel i7-11700F. I finished installing all the cables and everything and when I try to start. It doesn't Posts. I only see that RGB of my RAM is lighting up. None of the other fans spins, not PSU fans, not CPU fans or neither Case fans. The PSU I'm using is Non modular. Any instructions on where to look for troubleshooting. Thanks