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  1. Thermaltake 650wat Kingston 2x8gig 2133mhz i5 7500
  2. Bro im a computer technician clearly do u know the difference between the cables theres was a power failure since that the board is doing that
  3. I need advuce on how to get my h270 gaming 3 board running again 12 volt 8 pin on the biard seems to faulty when its connected biard don't switch on when unpluged board switch on 


  4. See when i connect 8 pin 12 volt connector board don't switch on when 8pin connector is unplug the board switch how can i sort this problem
  5. Sorry for the mistake wanted to say when 12volt is connected board don't switch on but when 12 volt is disconnected board switch on any solution to help me fix my mobo
  6. Git a problem with my motherboard when 12volt is connected board get power but when 12vlot is disconnected biard gets power can you tell how to sort out this problem please i think it might be the gpti transistor that can be dead or faulty