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  1. Surely thought of that but somehow before a month I thought mh yes BeQuiet 400W System Power might be fine, don't know why. Edit: Had a gaming session with 2h of Wildlands without (!) any crash... And then I pressed Esc and it crashed my PC... Wow
  2. I think it's the PSU too. I will try some settings today and tomorrow when I have time, but I will order a new one.
  3. Hey guys, I got a relatively big problem with my new rig First some required data: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2400G @4Ghz Mainboard: AsRock B450M Pro4 GPU: Nvidia GTX770 | No OC, but Temp. Limit @85°C RAM: 16GB 3000Mhz PSU: 400W BeQuiet Cooling: Overall good, but no perfect So my problem: When I play games on my new pc it keeps crashing when gpu-usage is a certain time over ~95%. And it's not like I get back to my desktop every time, instead my pc is sometimes freezing and does an automatic reboot and then everything is normal back on desktop.
  4. So guys the problem is solved finally solved I have installed Optifine for 1.17.1 and turned all settings to the highest or I think in Minecraft it's called "beautiful" or something. 20 Chunks. Antialising and anistropic filtering I have left on "zero". Locked my fps to 60 (because not the best cooling and only 400w PSU, 60Hz) and voila: Stable at 60fps. - CPU: First and fourth core are between 30-50% Second and third are 5-15% Logical cores like 0-10% Temps for all cores 45-50°C - RAM: ~7000Mb while gaming
  5. Thanks for all the answers. I'm back home in 2h and will try mods like sodium, optifine, 16 chunks etc. I will post my experiences later that day
  6. Okay this is worth a try but even then I'm confused. I could say for sure that CPU load /usage is really not more than 50-60% D: On other forums some people have the same problem like I have.
  7. I will write and check when I'm home But I don't think it's because of the CPU, do you?
  8. Hey guys, I have another problem with my new lite "gaming" rig. System: Ryzen 2400G AsRock B450M Pro4 GTX 770 4Gb 16GB 3000Mhz So my problem is I tested my GPU in Minecraft and with highest settings and 20 render range. But I just get like 30-40 fps (with GPU oc!!). My GPU temperatures are not getting over 37°C while full hd and CPU temps are 40°C-45°C. The gpu load /usage is while gaming between 20-40%... So there is muuuuuch space for getting higher fps... Has anyone an idea?
  9. I don't know man, I can just say that for me, before the update everything was just fine
  10. Om*g I have the solution. I unplugged every drive I have and was forced into the bios... Now I enabled USB support and everything is just fine. Feels pretty good
  11. Uff oh man that did nothing. When I started my fans were like 100%-0%-100%-0% for 30sec but then I landed on normal AsRock "Startpage"(screenshot). USB and PS/2 Keyboard don't work...
  12. Okay than I will now do reset and tell you in some minutes if it did help
  13. On the official website I can't see which is beta version and which is non-beta There's just 5.20, 5.10 etc etc
  14. Oh okay, I just thought it would do something "heavy" because AsRock says that you shouldn't do this first after Update. I don't find the CMOS jumper so I will take screwdriver later or tomorrow. Sooo well, you think this will solve my problem?
  15. Hey guys, I got a massive problem D: I installed the newest BIOS Version (5.20) via instant flash on my AsRock b450m pro4 board and after it was done it restarted it self. When I was in the screen which showed the keys (DEL and F2) for going into the bios and boot menu (F11) I wanted to press F11 for booting into Win10, but I got no reaction. I can't go into the bios too. Then I tried a PS/2 keyboard but got the same problem. I tried every single USB (2.0 and 3.0/3.1) Port and I could press "Num" so I knew it was on but no reaction. I waited 1h but it doesn'