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  1. Thanks, you really helped me a lot, not only you but all the people here that had the time to help me, i'll aim for the 5600x but if i cant, i'll go for the 10400. Thanks again to all the people here
  2. The one thing that im afraid of is because its intel will it be "future proof" and i mean, like am i going to have to get a new CPU in 2 years because it cant play the games or is it going to be fine. If it's not i'd rather get the 5600x or the 3600.
  3. Umm the 10400F is 173 US Dollars and the 5600x is 312 US dollars
  4. Is the 3600 better than the 5600x because the 3600 in my country is worth more than the 5600x.
  5. Unfortunately, where im from, The Ryzen 5 3600 is 100 euro more than these two cpus and im kind of tight on budget
  6. I have a 1050 ti for now until the prices drop and i'll go for an RTX 2070 Super probably
  7. Hello, i started looking on some deals because i want to build a new pc. Im between: Intel Core i5-10400F or Ryzen 5 2600 I live in Europe so the price difference is about 10 to 20 euros. Just to clarify, this pc is strictly for gaming.
  8. Hello guys, I had a computer for a while and it's an SFF like PC. It's a HP COMPAQ 6200 PRO SFF and i was wondering if there was a case that i can take the parts out, and transfer them to the new case. I also know that the power supply wont be compatible, since it's desinged for this particular case. [I'll also attach a picture of the pc and also the chipset of my motherboard.] The chipset is a : Intel Q65 Express