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  1. Thank you so much @unclewebb you're awesome! This fixes my problem. So I downloaded the ThrottleStop and you are correct that the BD PROCHOT is glowing in red. I follow your instructions to clear the BD PROCHOT and it just works! Your instructions is so on point with my problem thank you so much.
  2. Hi, I recently reset my bios and applied new thermal paste on my cpu. When I use my pc I notice strange lag and slowness when using it. I check my cpu usage and found that it is stuck at 22% on full load. I stress test my cpu that I uploaded here the results. On the stress test it go all the way to 100% but my cpu usage is still stuck at 22%. It seems that my maximum cpu is only at 22%. I check the temps and I think it is all normal? So I think overheating is not an issue for cpu throttling? or am I wrong? What do you think I need to do? Can somebody help? Thank you in advance