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  1. I have changed some BIOS settings as shown in a video, it seems my CPU is overheating or so no idea at least I was very briefly at the login window to log in 1 second later but a new error came up: kernel security check failure Btw: Windows 10 is already on the SSD, I put it on my laptop beforehand.
  2. I left the PC running after the bios update and came to troubleshooting where you can press various things but after a few seconds I got a blue screen with the error WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR After restarting the same error again.
  3. The bios update worked well, I'm now in the bios, how should I go on?
  4. Yes, I once heard about some boards you have to update to make it work. I have the whole day (European time) anyway
  5. Tried now. With a Ramstick in B2, i.e. the last slot on the far right, is now please wait. For about 2 minutes
  6. Hello I have a big problem with my new PC Shortly after setting up Windows 10 and installing graphics drivers and various programs, my PC crashed and a blue screen appeared. Since I didn't even get to the start window, reinstalling Windows 10 didn't help, it got even worse. As soon as the problem is resolved, the next blue screen keeps coming back with different errors (I write the errors in below). I also tried to install Windows on another drive without success. Now I'm ready for the PC to try to troubleshoot problems, but it keeps restarting and doing the whole thing again. Every now and t