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  1. Yeah thought so too, I'll look at some builders in the Netherlands, And try to find the best one. Thanks!
  2. I dont know alternate but I'll look into them! What I'll do is I'll look at some sites, research components and get back to you guys with a build once I'm closer to getting it. Thanks!
  3. I'm planning to purchase my first gaming PC Sometime in 2022 I think . I know it's probably way too early to start thinking about concrete builds, but I just want to do a bunch of preparatory research. So my question is, is it a good idea to buy my first gaming PC from a builder service like iBuyPower ( I’ll be using a Dutch equivalent) as a good base that I can build upon? Or is it something not done and too risky? I'm not in a position to build my own computer due to disability. If I’d build my own rig I would just get a family member to help me and guide them through the process.