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  1. hello i have an amd radeon hd 6570 and ive noticed it has been sitting on 70-90 degrees celcius on idle and im pretty sure this isnt normal and my room isnt hot PS: The fan speed is at 100% and its still overheating
  2. except for the case its all in stock ill get the case from newegg or ebay
  3. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CN23ht my budget was 1500 and i made it fit
  4. there is also this idk if i should worry about it
  5. no worries i found one thats ok but one problem is that when i use an nvme drive the sata ports are disabled and i wanted to get a harddrive for extra storage cause i run alot of vms and have alot of isos lying around
  6. but one thing i need help with is that most mobos i looked at dont support the 5600x out of the box and i dont have any other cpu i can use to flash the bios
  7. i could do that but i found a ryzen 5 5600g which has igpu
  8. okay i think ill downgrade my cpu from zen 3 to 2