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  1. I always update my drivers whenever possible, and my graphics card being a GTX and my CPU being an I9-9900k I find it hard to believe it'd be because of those unfortunately I play via ethernet cable not wifi, and have insane speeds, and I play far more intensive games than this one with no issues even similar. I play Hunt Showdown, Apex Legends, used to play games like ARK, Rust, etc etc.. I have thousands of hours on these games and only game I have the issue with is CS:GO
  2. This ONLY happens on CSGO. My download speed is at about 550 Mbps, and my upload speed is at about 37 Mbps... Both are more than sufficient, and you can see the network stats on the actual clip, showing I have no packet loss etc.. Very confused
  3. I wanted to attach the video file but it's too big, so here you can see the tweet: Hopefully it's not a problem to attach, you don't have to click off the site - just simply look at the video. You can even see the stats at the bottom right for 0% packet loss, my ping, etc etc. Computer Specs: RAM: 32GB 3200MHz GPU: GTX 1080 CPU: I9-9900k
  4. It's similar, except I don't even get the windows logo I just get "no signal", and I don't have to reboot the PC for it to work. The second I unplug it, it fixes haha.
  5. The thing is that the mic runs fine when the computer is running, just the computer doesn't boot for ~10 minutes when the mic IS plugged in already. I could just unplug and plug it back in every time I boot the PC (which is what i have been doing, but it's just an inconvenience I don't want really.
  6. Sounds extremely odd, I've fixed a lot of tech issues by myself in the past, but this one I'm just not understanding. I bought a Shure-MV7 USB mic a few weeks ago, and the mic it's self works perfectly. HOWEVER when I boot my PC up, it will say "no display" and it will act like nothing is happening for about 10 minutes, until it then suddenly boots to my computer. I troubleshooted this by unplugging devices one at a time and I found out that it's my mic that causes this. If I turn my PC on, it'll sit with the black screen and say "no signal", but the SECOND I unplug the