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  1. For some reason when I ever play CSGO my CPU core voltage jumps to 1.5v is this normal??? everything in the bios is set to "Auto" so my bios should know what its doing but I "overclocked" my CPU to 4.7Ghz without changing the voltage and its running 1.3v idle but AMD software is showing 1.1v which is strange but when I set my CPU to its default speed which is 3.8GHz but it has boost clock so it jumps to 4.7Ghz while gaming and its usually uses 1.4v but then jumps to 1.5v and I check in the bios the voltage is like high 1.4v like almost to 1.5v so I would like to know if my CPU isn't frying its
  2. Thanks for the reply tho! I recently got that cpu and it would've sucked if it was damaged already lol.
  3. Thanks for the reply! It was only running 1.6v in the bios and when that was set the bios gave me a warning when my computer booted up that my cpu is overvolted but I didn't stress test or ran any programs and I didnt even boot to windows in that voltage. When I saw it was running at 1.6v I swiftly defaulted it to prevent any damage. But yeah it only ran for a short time in that voltage and thank you for replying! Highly appreciated!
  4. Oh wow... Well I do own a water cooler for my CPU and its overclocked to 4.7 gigahertz but its staying in the 1.2v range and its normally 60c or very intense games sorta goes to the 70c range which is perfectly fine. But I havent booted in Windows when it was in 1.6v it gave me a warning then quickly changed so hopfully no damage has been done but if it did well damn that sucks...
  5. Hello! Im just wondering if I didnt damage my CPU. I accidentally set my cpu to 1.6 volts and in the bios it was going from 1.5 to 1.6 and whenever it went to 1.6 it would display red. I heard the max volts is 1.4 I'm just worried if I damaged my cpu but I QUICKLY defaulted it in the bios then tested all games and checked my cores and temps and everything seems to be ok I'm just worried if my CPU is damaged and I'm not really noticing it. I would appreciate for comments! :D