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  1. Ok, right, but the main point is that the PC won't turn on, because i've read around there that in some cases of incompatibility of CPU the MoBo shows something and turn on
  2. Hey guys, new in the LTT Forums, well, i bought a second hand motherboard from an online store, it was a MSI B360 Gaming Plus (Intel 8th & 9th gen), i have an i3-9100F with a pair of G-Skill Ripjaws V DDR4, and a GTX 1060, the thing is that the mobo doesn't show up any post screen, just won't turn on (all the components work fine on another MoBo), neither a simple fan or a light. i haven't tried with a 8th gen CPU because i don't have any at hand, i was wondering if the BIOS incompatibility doesn't allow the PC to boot, or if it's something else, like a short circuit, a faulty board or som