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  1. @willies leg I didn't realize I was. In my images I am only in root to check the permissions. Do you have suggestions for a new user?
  2. Thank you all for the input. Without any action of my own the lock has disappeared. When I opened a file to edit there was message that there was a system crash and the documents had to be recovered. Regarding a system crash this would be consistent with the freezing of the mouse click when using Ubuntu. Any suggestions on topics to read that might rectify system crashes? I'm dual booting with Windows 10, do I need a different distro? Thanks
  3. I'm just trying to edit a document on my personal computer as I have been doing since I installed Ubuntu. Then the lock symbol appeared for an unknown reason. I already used those commands to verify the permissions were rwx. I've attached a screen shot. This is a NTFS volume. I tried changing the permissions and the lock symbol persists.
  4. I tried changing permissions on my files but it didn't change. When I checked the permissions they are all rwx already. Any suggestions or links to read are appreciated. I'm teaching myself linux and keep trying to figure it out. Thanks.