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  1. IKR, the last year has been a real eye opener, I mean I sort of hope Intel discrete GPU's will shake things up a bit, but Intel as just as bad as the other 2, it could be worse we could be dealing with Apple, lol.
  2. UK retailer Overclockers this time last year were busy taking pre-orders for 3080 and 3090 GPU, fast forward a year and there are folk still waiting, they now have a lot of 3080's in stock but because they are LHR versions they are saying that that is a different product than that which folk paid for last year and aren't honouring their pre orders. So basically Overclockers are using a measure that Nvidia took to help get cards in gamers hands as a reason to not honour their pre-sales, and obviously folk who have been waiting all year are getting a tad salty. What does everyone think, bad beha