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  1. I already have a Noctua NH15 sitting in my (very) old PC, I had bought it in advance for this build. It won't be 24/7, but it will be 2-3 days of nonstop high intensity work and then off for a couple of days. I definitely need to research ECC before deciding on it. Troubleshooting-wise... I'm of the generation that had to deal with autoexec.bat and config.sys. I'm not up to speed (my last build was a decade ago), but I could be--however, time is valuable. Less troubleshooting is good.
  2. Thank you Ronothan, ShrimpBrine, BonVonBob, Biohazard777, Somerandomtechyboi, igormp, shoutingsteve, varrys for the answers. Dropping down to a Tomahawk and buying more memory at 3200 (ECC or not, maybe with better timings) seems the way to go for my use case, because I also need a lot of memory. I was thinking of 2x16GB before (and another 2x16GB at a later date), but maybe I can do better within my budget (~$1200-1300 with tax). Now I know what to research.
  3. I wanted the VRMs to be good, better than what an average user of 5950x needed, because... well.. "100% load for days" thing. The B550 Unify mobo was recommended by Microcenter folks on that basis. I'm aware that there's a lot of specs on that mobo that I really don't need. I'd love a cheaper-but-solid-and-good-VRMs mobo, definitely. EDIT: on paper, I don't need the high quality/number of VRMs either, but I'd like to run at, say, 50% of max available power with high quality than, say, 80% of max available power with average quality. I suspect it would be more reliable in the long run.
  4. Thank you everyone. All worth considering. For ECC, I need to check if my intended mobo supports it I guess. Also I'd be having 20%less mem, but more reliable results. As ShrimpBrime said, b-die would mean quality and longevity, but as BonVonBob said, it won't give me any speed advantage and other mem would last long enough. I'm inverting very many and very large sparse matrices and then doing matrix multiplications with the (non-sparse) inverses. I need both large mem (to be able to work at all) and large mem bandwidth/speed (efficient linalg/sparse methods need lots o
  5. Thank you Ronothan. (**goes off to google what ECC is...) (EDIT: Ah, error correction code memory. I hadn't thought of that.)
  6. Hi everyone, Short version: Is B-die worth it if you won't overclock? Side question: Spend $100 extra on B-die C16 or on regular C14? Long version: I'm planning to buy a 5950x and a MSI B550 MEG Unify AMD AM4 ATX motherboard. My use case is numerical simulations: * I need MOAR (and faster) COREZ!!!11!11! (threadrippers are too expensive, sad face.) * All (but one) of the cores will run at 100% for days per simulation. * Running for *days* at 100% means no overclocking. I'd like to be able to use this computer for a number of years. * I