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  1. My old post: an update: ive taken the pc into another monitor with another hdmi cable and it worked, so i concluded that either my old monitor or the hdmi cable are not functioning properly, i have taken my pc back to the old monitor and with the same old hdmi cable, and it worked. now i have to put them out of the equation too. the big question is now, does a faulty or a bad PCIE Slot cause glitches and artifacts? Thanks everyone and have a great day.
  2. well now the weird part begins, i took my pc to another screen, and has another hdmi cable ( the screen is used as a tv with a demo that has hdmi ) it worked perfectly, i played a bit and took it back upstairs plugged the old tv with the old hdmi cable and everything seems to be fine now the question is, im doubting this hdmi cable is dying, other than that, can a faulty or a bad pcie cause artifacts and all the things stated above?
  3. Definitely would look for that, thank you kind people!
  4. Nope but i have taken the 770 to someone i know who will test it on his build, though its high likely the gtx 770 is dead, im not sure if the 660 is too, even it has shown me a very hard string of artifacts ( around 6-7 parallel red line with 2cm of width ) vertically lined on the screen.
  5. 16 gb of ram 3200mhz ryzen 3 3100 Sata su 630 ssd and toshiba 7200rpm hsd cooler master elite v2 550W psu b450 aorus elite V2 motherboard The first gpu was a gtx 770, it ran well in my last build and i kept it for this one, it ran 3 weeks when the issue started, i had some screen glitches the screen crashed and there it was like a stuttery glitched image for 5-10 seconds. It would change the resolution most of the time, i can be on desktop, it crashes, black screen, displays again, in a lower resolution, until it started running at 1024x786 and it di