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  1. i reseated everything including the cpu, put new paste, tested to see if my power supply had even any power and it does, swapped ram sticks around, reset the cmos battery and I still cant get my pc to get any power to it or turn on at all. only other things i could think are I somehow maybe ruined my motherboard in the aio install process or something along those lines.
  2. right after installing the aio, everything was working fine except the aio rgb wasnt on and also my pc kept sending no signal to the monitor, so then i tried the whole thing with plugging in the rgb controller and when i turned on the pc again after that, everything lit up like its supposed to but in a split second my pc just died and now doesnt turn on. it doesnt even get any power. no fans spinning no lights or anything. it was kinda like when a bad light bulb is turned on and immediately dies and doesnt go on again. i tried a few things but nothing is working and im just hoping i didnt ruin
  3. ryzen 7 3700x cooler master m120l v2 rgb aio 16gb (2x8) 2666 ddr4 ram msi b450 gaming plus max RTX 3060 Ti thermal take 700w psu
  4. it was working fine at first but the rgb wasnt working so i plugged in the rgb controller that it came with and when i turned on my pc again, everything turned on for half a second and instantly died. and now my pc wont turn on at all. all my cables are plugged in properly and the aio block is mounted properly. i dont know what to do now. did my mobo short out? is my power supply dead?
  5. I installed an aio cpu cooler onto my pc and i turned on my pc and it turned on for literally only half a second and instantly died. Now whenever i press the power button my pc doesnt boot at all. Somebody please try and give me an idea of what it could be.