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  1. its an rca. its a somewhat older unit. i think the model is rt2911
  2. it says my monitor is the sound device
  3. the receiver is set to the right setting. the issue is that windows wont let me switch from stereo to 5.1
  4. waht is avr? sorry, im a little new to all this
  5. the way i have things set up is an hdmi is running into my reciever frim my graphics card and from an hdmi out in the reciever i have an hdmi from the reciever to my monitor. im not sure any of my stuff has arc support
  6. would linux support surround sound better than windows
  7. I've been working on trying to get surround sound working literally all day. I have a reciever, and my graphics card is a gtx 1650 super ( which as far as ive read supports 5.1 surround). I tried running cyberpunk 2077 and all 5 of my speakers were working but the back speakers were just copying my front speakers. when i open the speaker set up in windows 5.1 is greyed out. i hope this makes sense my brain has literally turned to mush after trying to fix this for literally hours