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  1. so i’ve been through 2 ps3 controllers one broke after i wiped it with alcohol and one broke after i accidentally dropped it once. i’m looking for a sixaxis dualshock controller because that’s what i originally got with my ps3. i can’t find real one anywhere and i prefer a new one. now keep in mind ima be hungry for a couple days after buying this controller. i really wanna play some world at war and it’s worth being hungry over it. does anyone know where i can buy s real, legit, oem ps3 controller?
  2. oh yea and xeon provides better performance when overclocked. i really don’t wanna waste anymore money because food is becoming too expensive ever since the virus started. if this was 3 years ago i’d spend 1k but now with these food prices i really can’t. so even spending extra 30$ on cooler is too much. hopefully prices of food become more affordable and then i could upgrade
  3. ive got an old gpu laying around, it’s actually quite decent, just need the mobo cpu ram. so the 8350 is a pass? i mean it has an aio, the fx one although it’s not a real 8 core cpu whereas the x5660 oh it’s real. seen some pretty amazing benchmarks. it comes with a stock cooler tho so idk if i can overclock it too much while fx is aio, you still can’t overclock it too much cuz they run really hot. so it’s pretty much fx 3850 aio vs 5660 stock cooler. what’s better performance? i cannot spend anymore money on ram or cooling. both these cpus run better at games than most 4 core cpus of same gen
  4. forreal? I read 8 core phenom is like 4 cores actually just like how 12th gen intel will not be actual 16 cores but 8 with more threads. I know phenom has very powerful cores but idk much about fx. Those x58 cpus seem really good when overclocked. fx is kind of cool looking tho. and I know only good boards are asus, they truly are amazing always. id rather have cheap asus than expensive msi. i wish x58 had 8 cores but it’s whatever.
  5. I aint trying to spend more than 80 for a cpu, mobo, ram, cpu cooler. What you recommend? Right now only deals I’ve seen so far was 8350 with aio mobo and 8gb ram for 80, seen a x5660, mobo, stock cpu cooler, 12gb ram for 75. seen some phenom with everything needed to get you running for 50, 4460 12gb ram mobo for 40 but got sold. I just want something powerful enough to do some basic tasks as well as game a bit know i’m sayin? Ive been told to get x58 if I can or 8 core fx is that good or can i get something better? id be happy with anything above 4 cores and 8gb of ram honestly. i aint got m