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  1. Hey guys, whenever I boot up the computer I cannot seem to move my mouse or use the keyboard to type anything. Can i please have help?
  2. My computer was pre-built when i bought it and it has been fine for the past two years up until now and before this issue happened nothing was being weird on the computer, it was not slow or anything like that it was working fine
  3. Whenever I try and boot up the computer it does not take me to the login screen instead it takes me to a black screen asking me to select a proper boot device, can someone please help me?
  4. My computer has Windows 10, Specs CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x 6 core RAM: 16GB Storage: 2TB HDD and 200GB SSD Graphics card: GTX 1050 2GB this is all i know about my specs so far. Also sometimes when i boot the computer, the motherboard does not beep and my screen stays black
  5. My computer takes a very long time to boot up making it time consuming for me to log into my computer, however once I am logged in my computer freezes and turns off