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  1. Glad to prove that you were completely wrong. Anyways, confirmed that some sockets are dead( to be expected when the ends are literally chopped off) and that 1 socket is nonfunctional, which is saddening. Not sure which voltage readouts I need to test.
  2. Update: board does post with off-brand ECC memory for r710, so it is this specific ram that isn't working, all six sticks that I have refuse to boot. Any tips on bending pins back as I'm terrible at this? Found a bunch of CPU 2 pins that are bent, which is probably why it's immediately FFing on post with two cpus.
  3. Update: Soldered on the SPDT switch, which allowed me to get into the 62-and on post code loop signaling memory issues. The odd thing is that the ram that I was using was ECC 1333mhz, which should definitely be compatible with the SR-2. However, as a last ditch attempt I tried a non-ecc gaming ddr3 ram stick that I had lying around from a old pc, and MAGIC! Posted STRAIGHT. I ordered some up-to-date bios chips, but am unsure as to when or if they will ever arrive. Now, this only posts with 1 CPU, but I am unsure whether that's because one of the CPU
  4. Look, I'm doing this in my free time, around 30 minutes a day. No need to be so mad, and additionally I already checked nearly everything. 1. Cleared CMOS, chances are the BIOS has no settings on it. 2. Don't expect me to buy things I don't have to fix it, that I won't use in the future. I got the spare cpus and coolers because I need them on other projects anyways, like finishing my multiple r710 blade server rack. 3. There's a reason why I found an SPDT switch before you even mentioned it? I already tested the enable pin. Which is why I have high hopes for that damn switch.
  5. Yeah, I bought my SPDT from Amazon, these should work. The issue is that there is no change in behavior after re-capping the whole board... Not having much hope in this motherboard. I just bought two more x5650s to test, but really no hope in this rig rn.
  6. Update: So, there's literally only 3 pins holding that switch to the motherboard. I recapped the board, and there's no changes, and it definitely won't boot without the bios switch. It's literally just 3 pins, no model number or anything on what's left of it. Reminder: That white part isn't the switch, it's what's left after someone decided to tear it out. Possibly just pads for the real switch. Can't find anything similar on the digikey link you sent, sadly.
  7. Hey all! Sorry for the blurry photo, but this is my day 3 on attempting to fix this EVGA Classified SR-2. Apparently, someone took parts off of it for an electronics project, explaining the 7 missing 560uF 6.3v capacitors. However, it would appear that that same person has also removed the damn BIOS selection switch, and I cannot find a replacement part anywhere. If anyone can find a replacement part that I can purchase, that'd be amazing, but otherwise, I'd need to wire a set of jumpers(maybe even a separate switch) to get this working. As you can see, th
  8. Well, the problem now is that there is NO bios selection switch on this motherboard haha, I guess I have to just jump things.
  9. Last update till the parts arrive: Indeed, this appears to be why the mobo isn't posting. The capacitors here are responsible for managing the BIOS switching and chips, and thus missing them could easily prevent the board from posting
  10. To whomever may need this information in the future: From a kind soul also running an SR-2 for over 10 years now, I have received a high-quality photo! Although the model names are all different, in reality they are all 560uF, and 6.3V. From digikey, I found nice aluminum polymer (solid and liquid electrolytes merged) capacitors with a super low 7mOhm ESR, and purchased them. Here goes nothing!
  11. No chance, there's no warping or any visible damage on the board itself. Those capacitors right there were taken off the board by someone to use in a design lab project.
  12. I see. Sigh, there aren't any high quality photos I can find, but I have contacted some sellers and people about this, I can hope.
  13. Does this look okay? It is marked as Low ESR, but I don't trust ebay. This is the topmost capacitor that's missing. Thanks for finding the image, if I still can't see it, i'll ask around the SR-2 owners and maybe even try upscaling.