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  1. Yeah gonna give it a try , if they don’t accept it what motherboard brand would you recommend for intel i3 , I don’t want to use MSI again I am afraid it will happen again plus there is no GPU but I do plan on buying one in the future.
  2. Hi all, anyone have experience with MSI warranty when it comes to motherboards? Nephew has a MSI B460 torpedo only 7 months old I did testing and by the sound of it and from the community helping me out looks like the motherboard is dead. little info - I try doing the motherboard jump start and it doesn’t turn on. I was reading the MSI website on warranty and they won’t cover power failure does that apply to what happen to me? The PC won’t turn on and the PSU works it just doesn’t turn on even when jumping it. Don’t have the original box can I still send it in?
  3. Hey I have an update. so I try doing the jump starting the motherboard with his PSU and screwdriver and it did not turn on so I tried it with my PSU and still did not turn on, so what I did after is try his PSU on my PC and it turn on I saw red lights from my GPU and some light on my motherboard. So can it be confirm that his motherboard is dead? Can I claim warranty without the original box? What can I tell my nephew so this won’t happen again.
  4. I did I try it with mine and it still didn’t turn on.
  5. How do I do that with the case switch and jump the pins in the board , I don’t want to damage anything.
  6. How do I check it with the green wire and ground? Does everything need to be plug in like the 6pins ? if the motherboard is dead does that mean everything else is dead? Ram,CPU,SSD,PC case,case fans? i feel really bad for him, that build was only 7 months old how can it die so fast?
  7. Hi all, so my nephew PC won’t turn back on, he told me he was using it normal and turn it off like normal (start > shut down . He flips the PSU off when his done ) then the follow day it didn’t turn back on. So I took it to my place and try using my plug to see if it works and it did not turn on. I took out the PSU from my PC and install it on his and it still did not turn on. It’s a builded PC , it has intel i3 with the build in GPU and a MSI B460 torpedo doesn’t not have a GPU install. Nothing turns on not the mobo or case , please help he uses it for school. What do you g