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  1. Yeah it was a pretty silly thing to do in retrospect. I'm glad it doesn't seem to have done any permanent damage. Getting the cooler to fit in the case and in the on the mobo was such a pain in the ass that by the time I got around to plugging everything back in I must not have been thinking clearly. I had to take the M.2 and VRM heatsink off and grind almost 2mm off one side of it to get the bottom fan of the cooler to fit and then had to take off the filter and shave a bunch of the filter mount plastic away from the top of the case to get the clearance for the top fan. Then I had to glue on
  2. Oh I won't pretend Aorus Information viewer is any good. I use Afterburner primarily for monitoring. Aorus is only there for fan speed control. But either way, that program isn't what was causing the clock speeds to jump around and go crazy and cause lag and all that shit. I unplugged the 3 extra fans and that seem to have done the trick. I'm probably going to have to just add a fan controller in there somewhere
  3. I just installed a new CPU cooler on my 5800x. Now whenever I just move the mouse around of play video on Youtube, the clock speed jumps wildly everywhere from the regular 3700ish MHZ to 26k to 19k, downt to 6k, up to 28k. I don't know how that could even be possible but it's causing everything on the screen to lag like crazy and be really choppy. The only thing I can think of that's different as far as wiring is that I now have essentially 5 fans plugged in with a bunch of splitters into the CPU cooler plug in. I'm sure you're wondering why because that sounds ridiculous but it's because this