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  1. I have a laptop and it had win 7 ultimate in it before . Its been few months my laptop wifi is sometimes working and some times not wait I will explain see when I boot in my new os win 8.1 I put my password and my laptop is not connected to my network I try to connect manualy it says could not connect but after reinstalling the driver it works fine . The issue occours randomly some times my laptop connects automatically and some time not this issue was not in win 7 is but started to occur in win8.1 and I don't have to go back to win 7 . Thanks . Please help. Any information needed please re
  2. I have done it are the attached file and my temp is also high . Any other test required? And how do I take my who laptop back for free.
  3. Hi yesterday night I opened my laptop and booted it into windows 8.1 and suddenly my small table started vibrating I kept my ears on my laptop Hard disk side it was sounding like some car is accelerating and then going back to normal also the hard disk was working fine no data loss but it was making such sounds . My hard disk was taking very high speed for few seconds then going back to normal . No it's was not the fan. nor cd or dvd I graduated it was my hdd please help