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  1. That looks good. Does that case support the full size PSU?
  2. Is there a cooler you recommend that would fit that case? Or do you have a recommendation for a small case that would fit a better cooler?
  3. That is the plan. I work with people on production once a week, so it'd be very cool to have something portable. Would it be better to switch to a micro-atx?
  4. Budget: 1500$ Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Music Production with FL Studio, including many libraries such as Kontakt, Spitfire ONE, and many, many vst plugins running at once. Other details: Carrying over a GTX 1070 from my current build until GPU prices go down again. Trying to make something that I will mostly keep at home, but is somewhat portable if I want to take it to the office. I have a portable 1080p touchscreen monitor and a 2k 165hz gaming monitor, a USB Keyboard and Mouse, Wired Headphones, and 1GBps internet. I'm also looking t