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  1. i have done it thanks for thee help anyways! ^^
  2. then how come it was working on my tablet?
  3. yes it is f2 it was working before and i do not have wireless keyboard
  4. and the installations are very diferent than going example from windows 7 to 10 codes have to be applied in terminal and it doesn't look the same
  5. I power on the computer press F2 and it just doesn't boot in bios.I freezes for 3/4 secs and then just loading linux
  6. 1.I want to go from linux to wndows 2.I can't reinstall the windows 3.I can't boot into bios. 4.If i can't reinstall windows that means i can't get into the installation menu aswell because i said it was giving a error when i tried
  7. i have only one patition because my hdd it's my main and i have said i can't install windows edit:and i doesn't show more partitions on linux its only one
  8. Hello!Today i wanted to try linux AntiX and then switched to Q4OS i don't want to use them because it's really hard to install stuff....I tried to reinstal Windows 7 64 Bit but it gave me a error.I tried to fix the error watching some videos but they all say to make the usb stick unbootable...I can't boot in bios and i was wondering how can i wipe ALL data from the hard disk?
  9. I also tried a otg checker and it sayd It is compatible.Does the version of the android affect it?
  10. Hello! I have recently bougth a usb to usb-c and I tried to use it for my gaming mouse but it does not work.The otg it's working because I can plug it in my computer and I can get photos etc,And the usb to usb-c it's working on my tablet
  11. No problem!You can find even more of them I have looked at some 4000mhz rams but they have all have tall head spreaders
  12. If you are a software developer you might want to get a 4000mhz ram but if you don't want to look at this: Have you seen this?Cl19 it's too high... CL16: https://www.cel.ro/memorii/kit-memorie-g-skill-ripjaws-v-black-32gb-ddr4-3600mhz-cl16-1-35v-dual-channel-pNSMwNTcmNA-l/ CL18:https://www.cel.ro/memorii/kit-memorie-corsair-vengeance-rgb-pro-sl-32gb-2x16gb-ddr4-3600mhz-cl18-1-35v-amd-pMiE2NjMqNQ-l/ You can use the name on your in-country popular website.