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  1. UPDATE: I've been running this fan in my PC for quite a while now. After doing some modifications to the connector, it fit perfectly. It's a bit louder than I'd like, but my mobo is able to control its speed just fine.
  2. Instead of fixing the date, it changed its opinion, now unable to decide whether the stream was 1hr ago or 3hrs ago. Below is a small vid showing it. Record_2021-10-08-23-39-00.mp4
  3. If for some reason the video appears as an image to you, I reuploaded it in this reply Record_2021-10-08-22-27-39.mp4
  4. I mean when I click in the description a different date appears(2hrs ago) idk if you can play the video I added to the topic
  5. Idk if ths is somewhat off-topic but... [This is a video, not an image] Record_2021-10-08-22-27-39.mp4
  6. Not too old hardware but since it was the first computer I interacted with, it still brings some memories It has a Core 2 Duo and used to run vista but got an upgrade to 7. Now it's only being used to control the printer below it.
  7. I just noticed that a small part of the wires is visible just before the connector, color coded red and black. Could this colors represent the +12V and ground wires respectively?
  8. Alright, thanks for your help!
  9. I'm guessing that it would go like it did on the PSU fan header, but leaving 2 of the 4 pins on the motherboard header disconnected. Is this correct?
  10. Recently a bad PSU was causing me problems as stated here, so I pulled it out of my system and decided to dissasemble it before tossing it in the garbage. I found a fan with a connector I'm not familiar with and I'm wondering if I can install this fan in a 4 pin fan header to be used as a case fan. Below are pictures of the fan and connector