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  1. i went back into my bios. the mode was in legacy + uefi mode but when i changed it to UEFI only mode the ssd wasnt detected in the boot priority, maybe i should clear the ss and redo the clone?
  2. i cant format the hdd. uhm... what exactly do you mean by SSD is set to a wrong one? which one should i set it to?
  3. so i recently got a new ssd and cloned windows on it but when i try to change the boot priority to the ssd, it says reboot and select the proper boot drive and i think its because of the windows installed both on my ssd and hdd. Would deleting windows on the hdd work? And how do i do it?
  4. ok, the GPU prices are going crazy and i was wondering when will it stop? and why are the prices so high?
  5. what capacity should i get for the ssd? and also if i decide to upgrade the psu what wattage is good? oh and does having 16 gb of ram rather than 8gb have a good impact on gaming or not?
  6. i could try opening up my pc later, im pretty sure it doesn't have a pcie pin but i dont know about the wattage and im pretty sure the psu is included with the case. should i get an ssd and get a psu upgrade? if i should what are your suggestions for a psu and ssd? and is 75 USD enough?
  7. jeez the GPU prices are way over my budget, is there any other upgrade i should get? i think i should hold back from a GPU until the prices fall again. Or should get a rx 560 4gb, i found a deal for 70 USD, the benchmarks are pretty good, it can get 80-100 fps on 900p in apex
  8. hmm, i'm pretty sure i'm running on dual channel, what would you suggest i do/get for the gpu? i know the gpu prices are pretty crazy right now.
  9. i want to upgrade my pc but i don't know what component i should upgrade first. i have a budget of around 100 USD. Mobo: MSi H310M PRO-VDH PLUS CPU: i3 9100f GPU: gt 1030 2gb ( i think its gddr 4) PSU: unknown storage: 500gb hdd ram: 8gb ( dont know the speed ) i basically only play apex legends on 900p, i usually get like 40-70 fps sometimes drops to 15-20. I'm willing to upgrade my case or psu if needed, btw i'm somewhat new to computers