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  1. it's hard to type using my keyboard and it's even harder when i try to click a button from the wrong angle. some buttons are hard to press... like really
  2. hmm let me think of an answer got it! it's because “why not?”
  3. So, again... a question consisting Linus This time it's about his Windows settings... Does he use the default settings? or some customized ones?
  4. Windows Emulator just feels really... official unlike VirtualBox but there are still many other properties that can make VirtualBox better than Windows Emulator What's ur opinion?
  5. Does Linus have the default stuff? or does he have some... other... stuff? Can anyone give me a screenshot you've taken of Linus's Desktop(s) or Taskbar(s) or a timestamp and a link to a specific LTT video? Don't ask me why I need everything....