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  1. After going round and round I found that I needed to update my bios, my graphics drivers, and my windows. Thank you all for the help.
  2. Redownloaded the drivers completely and made sure the gpu was seated and I’m still having the issue.
  3. Yeah I updated them as soon as I turned on the computer. Like a few days ago I’ll double check them but I’m sure they’re up to date
  4. When I open games such as apex valorant etc my computer keeps restarting when loading in. I got it to run vanguard by disabling the virus protection but it’s still happening with other games? Can someone shoot me some info on how to stop this please. windows 10 64 850w Corsair gold ryzen 7 5800x X570 asus tuf mobo 3060 gpu oc gigabyte H150 Corsair aio cooler updated bios to current
  5. Thank you! That’s really gave me the right direction to go on.
  6. Looking to get away with less then 1000 if possible. Like I said tho I already have the ram, Ryzen 7, and the ssd
  7. That’s why I’m looking for more information. Asking for suggestions on better parts. Do you have any suggestions ?
  8. Budget (including currency): to be determined Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: streaming, high end games such as cod Other details: I have decided to build a pc after some bad advice updating an older pc with a non compatible motherboard and graphics card. I currently have 32 gb ram, Ryzen 7 5800x, and 1tb wb ssd. Was looking for information on better ideas for this build and some insight. I’m sure y’all know more then I currently do about setting up a streaming computer.