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  1. yes i only built it a few weeks ago
  2. ah i see it’s an msi mag b550 tomahawk 5800x and corsair ddr4 32gb 3600 c18
  3. i’ve clicked on the msi a-xmp profile 1 before but it doesn’t change anything after reboot
  4. msi mag b550 tomahawk 5800x and it is corsair lpx
  5. RAM auto set to 2666 when it’s rated for 3600, changing speed in bios to 3600 doesn’t work and says “memory overclocking failed” changing it to 3533 also doesn’t work. any ideas on what to do?
  6. was the correct bios from msi website for the mag b550 tomahawk. returning it to amazon for a refund and getting another one
  7. have left it for a few hours and it’s still going
  8. i have tried this and the light on the flashback button just flashes constantly and doesn’t stop
  9. i’m not experienced and it just wouldn’t post even though everything was fine, think i managed to brick it whilst trying to figure it out
  10. tried to build a pc with an msi mag b550 tomahawk and had to go through the hassles of updating the bios. ended up being defective anyway so was a waste of time. is there a good alternative that doesn’t require updating the bios??
  11. formatted to fat 32, downloaded drivers onto pc, unzipped them, renamed to MSI.ROM, copied to drive, plugged into pc, pressed bios flash button
  12. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/wCkJ68 sorry