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  1. Hello. Can i set up in any way Two Factor Authentication for my SFTP server? Or it's not possible?
  2. r3 2200g rx 570 8gb 16gb ram a320m hdv
  3. Thank you, but i know that pubg requires at least 6 core for optimal experience. 4670k is very old sadly.
  4. Wich CPU and GPU need for optimal pubg gameplay? I have a 144hz monitor,that's an important thing. Are 4 cores enough? Or 6 core is the minimum?
  5. Thanks,but the cpu is enough for the gpu?
  6. Specs: CPU: i3 10105F with stock cooler GPU: RX 570 8GB RAM: 2x8gb 2666Mhz MB: ASUS PRIME H410M-K This config is enoug for a 144hz 1ms monitor, without any problems? For games like Fortnite,PUBG,CSGO,Valorant Thank You!
  7. But then what is the problem?
  8. i set it up my rams to 2933 max, this is the max ram support of 2200g. Im using rivatuner & afterburner, i locked my fps to 160. What do you mean about damaged hardware? what could happened? My system runs very well, only the games are big problem
  9. When i drag my mouse, i mean i turn right in the game,the game is freezing for 0,5/1sec. (sometimes) Now i played fortnite, by the benchmark, i had 180 average fps, its pretty good, and yes, the 0,1% frames are like 7,1,0 fps etc. I have only one ssd.
  10. Hello My specs: Ryezn 3 2200G 4c/4t 3,5ghz Rx 570 8GB 2x8gb 3000mhz A320m hdv r3.0 I have a lot of fps drops and BIG stutters in games, like Fortnite PUBG Valorant etc. ( Why is this possible? Maybe the 4/4 CPU is weak already? If you have any ideas, please let me know
  11. there was a guy, who said, the a320m is a very bad board, when i put in a very strong cpu like 1600 AF or 3700X, the board will be fire, smthing like that, there is no vrm cooling etc. I really dont know.
  12. the a320m is very weak and risky for cpu like the 5600x and there is no support,maybe the max is the 3700x or something