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  1. You have to go with your own feelings on this one imo. If you compare it to the prices from before the inflation, it's not worth the money. Throw in another 100$ and you have the recommended price of a 3080ti which is way better. The recommended price of a 3080 is like 400$ less and it's still much better than a 3070ti, but imo recommended prices are a distant dream atm. It's clear the inflation is nowhere near it's end and possibly hasn't reached the peak yet since I see the prices still rising. So it depends on your needs, does the 1080 limit you? Aren't you enjo
  2. Chill dude, it took away 2 fps at 100% usage during lows when playing Cyberpunk. That's in this case (at average fps 50) a 4% decrease in performance while it reduced the temps by nearly 18%, that's a good trade-off. BMW M6's top speed is 250km/h, 4% decrease equals 240km/h, not really a difference for most people. The card is too underperforming for my needs anyway, next year if nvidia 4000 gets released I'll be replacing the card by 4080 or getting 3090, then I might upgrade the fans in the case, they do have rather low CFM.
  3. Seems they work just fine. The graphics card was overheating itself even when the side panel was open and a large table fan was blowing air into it (something silly I tried...). Everything else in the case was nice and cool, definitely something wrong with the card cooling, or bad cooler design. I tried looking up the Inno3d graphics cards and I found people complaining about the cards a lot, even mentioning faulty cards that overheat and need to be returned, I think I bought a bad card Fow now lowering the power target fixed the issue completely, and there's nearly 0 impact on p
  4. If you mean the extra fans: https://www.gamemaxpc.com/productkkk/590-en.html
  5. Thank you man, setting the power target to 80% did the trick! 71°C max temperature and that happened like once during the gameplay, usually it hovers on 69-70. There is a drop in performance, but it's quite minor, about 2-3 average fps. 45 or 48 fps, that's not really that much of a difference. Completely worth the quiet and improved card lifespan. I'll play with the limit a bit to fine tune it.
  6. The temperature here is a little better, but that's because the system is still cold, only a few minutes of gameplay after powering the PC up, the longer I play the worse it gets. Anyway, these temps make the fans go supersonic already, horrible noise. I have no clue what clockspeeds are too much, but this is stock settings.
  7. I don't know, never checked it, the card is set to stock values. I'll check it when I get home and let you know.
  8. The temperatures are with the side panel closed and the front panel open. No stickers anywhere, no overclock/overvolt applied. I'll try lowering the power target once I get home, but that's bound to lower the performance, right? To be honest the card can't really spare any performance to keep Cyberpunk running smoothly, and I play at 1080p. I did not expect a card that expensive where the selling points are ray tracing and 4K gameplay not to be able to handle 1080 at 60fps Thank you for the tip!
  9. Hi, I have trouble with an overheating Inno3D GeForce RTX 3070 Ti iCHILL X4, and I just cannot figure out how to improve the situation. Attached is a picture of my configuration, I took the glass side panel off to stave off the lens flares, normally it's there. There's a glass front cover too, but I pretty much removed it permanently in favor of better airflow. When playing more demanding games like Cyberpunk 2077 without DLSS, the temperature goes up to 85°C and the hot spot goes to 95°C. This of course means the fans go crazy and make so much noise it's u