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    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
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    32GB G.SKILL
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    AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
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    XTIA Xproto
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    Sabrent Rocket 4.0 Plus 1TB, Corsair Force MP600 500GB
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    Corsair SF750
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    Samsung CHG90
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    Barrow / EK
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    Roccat Suora FX
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    Roccat Kone Pure
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    RME Fireface 800
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Macbook Pro 15" Retina
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    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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  1. Does anyone here have this combo running at PCI-E 4.0 speeds? I have a Xtia Xproto case which came with a PCI-E Gen3 riser. I bought a PCI-E Gen4 riser off AliExpress (ADT-Link). I'm now trying to make it work, but it's not having it. The BIOS, while having the PCI-E set to either Auto or Gen4, will only start as Gen4 every n-th time, and when it does, everything has a horrible lag/stutter, even in BIOS. It doesn't crash/hang, it can boot windows, but everything is 10x slower and stutters. All the other times it will just start as Gen3 and with that everything is fine. I used to have a diffe
  2. screwdriver is my power button

  3. i've had this 64GB Patriot Supersonic Magnum for ages, it's always been my go-to for this purpose, as it was reasonably fast for that era. but... i may or may not have fucked with its firmware many years ago, and - i don't know if it's since then or since forever - this thing is not easy to multi-partition. with my usb-enclosure M.2 ssds i can mess around and partition them anyway i want, as with any on-board drive, but not this patriot stick. if i create an 8gb partition, it won't let me allocate the rest of the space for whatever other partition. yet WinToUsb can do its dirty tricks to creat
  4. the endgame idea was to put it on the metal, not on a VM. ever since UEFI boots came about, i'm used to just copying the ISO contents to a FAT32 volume and installing from that. seriously the last time i used some 'clone ISO to a disk' method was back when it was all MBR booting. sometimes i used Hasleo's WinToUSB, but that was mainly to put a bootable Bill (not an installer) on USB media. i guess another reason why i never stuck to any 'clone ISO to disk' methods was that my external drives constantly change purpose. if i actually cared for one to be set up with some multi-ISO boot and s
  5. nope. bill as for bill gates.
  6. Nah, i'm a tinkerer. I rarely mess with betas, but I always upgrade to the newest Bill 'prematurely'. Only played with this Bill 11 briefly so far, but I like the new look & feel.
  7. I decided to test-flight the Windows 11 Beta. I got my filthy hands on the ISO. So far so good. Now, I'm used to just dumping the ISO content onto a GPT/FAT32 partition and UEFI boot off of it. But this ISO is not making it easy. The install.wim file is over 4GB in size and as such cannot be copied to a FAT32 volume. I google-fu'd a solution, which was to use DISM to split the wim into multiple files. Fair enough, I have do my share of DISMing back in the day (turns out these DISM operations have a pretty neat PowerShell analogs these days, and one feels more like a pro using th