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  1. True unfortunately I got ripped of by a lot at a local store I payed 129 pound for it
  2. Hey Guys I Recently bought a condenser Microphone and I was just wondering what can I get for it to make it better, can I get mixer's for it and etc It's a usb microphone and what's the best software. Thanks
  3. http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/S99806947/#/S99852114
  4. Intel i7 2600 - (4 x 3.4 GHZ) - Sandy Bridge
  5. case: sharkoon t9 graphics card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti hard drives: 3 1tb seagates ram: 16 of corsair xms3 power supply : 700w itel i7 2 ssd's
  6. Thanks and they are acer 21.5 monitors
  7. Oh ok and ultra and could it be that I have 3 screens connected
  8. Hey guys was just wondering could help me I just had a error message saying graphics card out memory....anyone know how I can solve this... I have the gtx 650 ti