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  1. I am looking for a pair of bookshelf speaker to replace my floorstanding speakers in my living room 5.1 setup. Now I am in search of the best possible stand/bookshelf speakers to replace them with.
  2. I got the Kali LP-6s for desktop use but I was really excited to also give them a go on my home theater setup in place of my current floorstanding speakers. So I took them to my Denon AVR X3400H connected them to the pre outs with RCA cables and was excited to do some demos. I turn them on and there is a huge static noise. So is this problem caused by my amp/unbalanced connection or what is wrong. I did not think it would be this bad even tho it is unbalanced. If I connect my speakers with a XLR balanced connection will the static noise be gone?
  3. I'm very torn between these two options. I can get them for basically the same price so that does not matter. I know the LP-6s are a bit bigger but that's okay. I'm getting these for casual desktop use (music, videos, movies) and maybe later to use with a tv also. Also to note, I'm going to be using an unbalanced connection. What do yo guy think is the better option? I'm kind of leaning towards the LP-6s