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  1. The PC does not boot at all anymore now. I am thinking my MOBO is defective.
  2. Yup found that exact setting in advanced settings. I'll try forcing all PCI slots to change to Gen 3 instead of auto.
  3. Would you know what that would be listed as in the BIOS itself?
  4. Yeah, I am completely lost myself also. I tried updating my BIOS, the same exact PSU cables were used for my 970 (which boots) and then my 3060ti (which does not boot.) I'll try reseating the memory, but I doubt it will do much.
  5. Realised I have heaven on my PC so used that benchmark instead as it is GPU intensive. These were the test scores. They seem normal to me.
  6. I looked into DOA, the GPU seems fine itself. I loaded a csgo match to see if FPS was what it should be, and it was what should be expected. I'll try benchmarking the GPU once more with 3Dmark. The 3070ti which I currently main does not seem to boot into the bios either on the 'old' pc if that is of any help.
  7. He won't need it whatsoever, I just had a really really good deal on it and could not not buy it. The PSU is a CoolerMaster B700 by the way.
  8. I just double checked. It's actually a 700W Cooler Master PSU (B700 v2) I believe.
  9. Hey guys, I'll start off with some background information, I am currently building a PC for my father - as I got a really good deal on a 3060ti. I recently built a new PC for myself, so my old gaming PC was made redundant, and I chose to utilize all but the new GPU & HDD for my father. I ordered a new SSD yesterday for a new windows installation, which went by smoothly. (I used my old card to install as the newer card wouldn't boot into bios to use ISO usb.) After installing windows, and swapping out my old GTX 970 for the 3060ti the PC simply just wont go into bios or bo
  10. I know that CS is a CPU dependent game.. but that doesn't explain the fact that the CPU usage is also at 40/50%, it'd be much higher % if CPU was the bottlneck, right?
  11. No.. but there are no 'extra' drivers showing up in my Program Manager (Add/Delete); and truth be told, I am quite hesitant to start messing with registry keys. (Which DDU does)
  12. Yeah, I've updated the drivers through GeForce experience to the latest version. Double checked with Windows Update to see if there are new updates, but it says I'm running the most recent drivers for the GPU. The only AMD software on my PC is Ryzen Master, as I needed to update those chipset drivers earlier (for my Ryzen 7), I have never had an AMD GPU in this PC before. I'll take a look at DDU for sure. Hopefully, that program might help.
  13. No, I have closed out all background programs, except for perhaps 1 browser tab.