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  1. some 2012 fujitsu pc , but that's my second pc
  2. already did those stuff , and no , i dont mess around in bios because i dont know much about it and btw i got two ssd in my computer , and even tho the windows is installed on the good ssd there was a old windows in the locked sdd and everytime when both ssd are plugged in it boots on the second and locked ssd , not the first and primary
  3. i think is it dead , but when i plug the ssd and boot the pc it just boot instantly the locked ssd , not the other drives , and when it boots the ssd asks me for a password . and like i said , it's not showing the ssd nowhere , only on disk managment . i just think the ssd got hacked pretty bad or something
  4. yeah i think it got encrypted , but the ssd company said they dont have password protection on their ssd and any password protection would be 3rd party software
  5. So one normal day i turned on my pc and my ssd was locked . i send a email to the ssd company and they dont have locking ssd stuff . so i tried to see in diskpart and it’s not showing there . but when i go in disk management it shows and when im trying to reset it , it just gave me a unknown error (btw when i plug the ssd and go to disk management is loading very slow) Can i unlock it someway ?