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    I like science, engineering, crazy and janky ideas and DIY all the things
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  1. I think the best use in their case is, when something fail during filming and cable integrity can be a cause, they can verify right away. But youre totally right, even if a cable passes all aspects, maybe next week it fails miserably for being fragile
  2. Now I want a "liquid metal Steam Deck" video just because...
  3. Its a crazy long shot, but does the weird Aliexpress waterblock fits into this? Edit: ya nevermind, just re-watched the video and the whole assembly is different
  4. depends on the origin of the luciferase, the PCR method they demonstrated, where the heat "opens" dna strands also denatures enzymes, but then they realized they could use Polymerase (the enzyme that gives the "P" to PCR) from heat-resistant bacteria, so the heat doesnt affect them the same principle could be applied to luciferase. Or even further, the Fold-It algorithm could be used to simulate how the structure of a Heat-resistant luciferase could be, even if nobody observed in nature
  5. by now, LTT is one of the biggest channels on youtube, even if a company has a small suspicion of bias the exposure is still worth it. That thing, even bad publicity is publicity. and they didnt achieve this point by being complete sellouts, Linus prob knows he has way more to gain keeping LMG reputation than doubling his initial investment in a couple years Edit: a lot of people bash on Marques, calling on his integrity (i dont really agree but) still he is too big to be excluded
  6. Crushing dry ice is kind of a pain, and considering the size you would want most of it would be gone by then. If you wanna do a crazy experiment maybe something like the watercooled air cooler dipped in cold water (even with dryice if you must) this is best method, but i would avoid pure grade acetone because it can be dangerous to handle in larger volumes, irritates skin and so maybe some mixture of ethanol + PEG antifreeze
  7. maybe you can look in electronics store so you can buy in bulk and normally they have good information on the cables/wires (number of conductors, shielding) it can be quite overwhelming because there are many options on the market https://www.arrow.com/en/categories/wire-and-cable/cables/cable-multi-conductor?page=1&promoGroupLevel=pl&perPage=25&filters=Type:USB Cable; edit: aliexpress is also a good option if you dont mind the wait, you can get everything there
  8. now that you guys have a dream team of in-house engineers and proper machines, I would really like to see something like this but in-house design, maybe for a threadripper, or newer CPUs? Edit: i think there is so much potential for direct-die cooling, but even overclockers stick to the IHS, maybe for in-house engineering limitations? KingPin has insane equipment, but not like a CNC, lathe, and crazy dudes with solidworks under their arms
  9. I think considering the variables, a better way to test the conductivity of the solution would be using some sort of dummy load for a processor and some thermometers like they did in that video with many radiators in series. So you could fix the heat load, account for the total thermal mass, and heat dissipation in a radiator or something. but of course, the manufacture did bold claims in a real life scenario, so a test like that is surely valid, but a more scientific approach would be nice just for the sake of it