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  1. would xm4 B has better noise cancelling because of that big things cover the entire ear?
  2. I dont get why the below code have no error while above got an error (already declare "buildFeatures {dataBinding true}") error no error
  3. is it always the higher the aperture, the better the photo quality? or it depends?
  4. We usually think of HTTP is unsafe to users who browse the website, but does it pose any threat to the website itself? is HTTP more vulnerable compared to HTTPS?
  5. is it also safe to test like that if a software to be installed contains virus?
  6. Does that mean it is always int? it is wrong when it is - data class Affirmation(val stringResourceId: Double) - data class Affirmation(val stringResourceId: String)
  7. why pass in the resource ID as integer but it contains alphabet letter? i dont understand it dont get any error. As i have learnt that string can be used for "abc" or "abc123", while int can only be used for "123"
  8. What would happen when coin reached its circulating supply?
  9. I dont understand those in red container, is this something related to dependency injection?