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  1. when i am working on my pc suddenly it shows blue screen error
  2. Hello I build my first pc a few days ago since than i have been using it but recently it has been crashing while I work/Watch LTT and some other videos.
    can someone help me with this problem plz?

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    2. TheCoder2019


      No like what is the error code

    3. Ismail Mohamed

      Ismail Mohamed

      3 minutes ago, TheCoder2019 said:

      No like what is the error code

      it shows different codes every time when the blue screen comes, IRQL something after that i don't remember some times it shows PAGEFUALT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, some times it shows about MEMORY.

    4. TheCoder2019


      Huh. If it's 3 different errors then I can't help you lol



      Also go to the home page, click on Troubleshooting, and then make a post

  3. I there any other way I can talk/get help from Linus Tech Tips or from any member of the LTT?
  4. I am sorry I didn't know about that. And Thank you for Letting me know about it.
  5. Do anyone know what is the chipset for 'Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti StormX' ?
  6. Do you know what is the chipset for Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti StormX ?
  7. Thank you so Much i was about to buy it
  8. Is this Real or Fake? I wanted to build a pc under $900 so I went on amazon and started adding the components to the cart, when I was looking for a graphics card I saw one for really cheap price, so, I of course added the Graphics card to the list. When I was watching Youtube I came to know about LTT, while I was watching One of LTT video, Linus said these fake graphics cards then I opened amazon and took a screen shot of the GPU and sent it to LTT I haven't got any reply yet < removed by moderation >