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    MSI z490-A-Pro
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    Gigabyte 3060 ti Gaming OC
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    Lian li Lancool 2 Mesh Pro
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    EVGA 750 SuperNova GTq

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  1. It's not keyed differently which is why I wasn't sure. What's important about the direction if it fits?
  2. I bought a new EVGA 750 SuperNova GT because my old PSU was frying my GPU. The EVGA is my first fully modular cabled PSU and I was wondering if it matters which end of the cable goes to the PSU and which to the component? The cables are the same on both ends key wise (except for the CPU) and I would prefer the GPU cable to not have the split sitting out for the world to see.
  3. I looked it up and Apperantly they oem for some companies. I ordered a evga gt supernova 750 80+ gold. And I'll RMA the gpu again. I just hope that it is the answer
  4. Is that possible that a psu can fry just a gpu? And not right away?
  5. It's worked for a while after I get any new graphics card and I've tried my friend 2070 (I think) and it also worked.
  6. So for starters I've had this pc since February of 2020. About 2 or 3 months ago my graphics card went bad. The screens shut off and all the fans kicked up to 100. I reset the computer after waiting a bit and found out my graphics card was bad. This happened 3 times including yesterday. This time I think that my graphics cards shorted out because my system won't turn on with the graphics card plugged in to the psu. I have no idea what would cause that to happen. Could the psu be pushing too much power to just the gpu? Or could it be some parts of my mobo? The gpu sit at less than 7